How To Transform A Bearing Into A Metal Bender.

A metal bender is power tool used to secure a metal piece in place and bend it to a certain angle. It is most commonly used by metalworkers to aid in metal shaping and crafting. The metal piece is clamped in a vise while the metalworker hit the metal with hammer. It is a dangerous task that involves a lot of skill, patience and practice to be performed well.

In this video, it will be demonstrated how to make a metal bender using a bearing. A bearing is an essential part of a machine. It’s used to limit relative motion and also to reduce friction between the moving parts of the machine.

In this project, an 85mm bearing is used to make the metal bender. The project can easily bend round and square bars without the help of a clamping tool or a vise. Watch the video to see the process and learn more!

Image source: Sek Austria

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