How To Build A Metal Foundry Furnace With Kaowool And Refractory Cement.

When people think of foundries, they often think of large machines found inside factories where people work in extremely high temperatures. This setup can be quite inconvenient and expensive for amateur hobbyists. Luckily, one can easily make his own portable metal foundry furnace within his backyard, using materials that are readily available in hardware stores.

These metal foundry furnaces should be capable of retaining heat, which is high enough to melt various metals to easily pour them into molds. Although the user is given the freedom as to the size of the crucible, the lining must be thick enough to retain high temperatures to save up on propane.

The inside of the furnace is lined with two inches of kaowool and refractory cement. Kaowool is responsible not only for retaining the heat, but also for helping the furnace reach operating temperatures much quicker. On the other hand, the refractory cement is highly advised because it can withstand high temperatures without getting cracks. Detailed explanation is shown in the video.

 Image source: eddie2799

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