Build A Metal Hammer Rack Without Welding: Yes, It’s Possible!

The hammer is one of the most basic and reliable tools in the arsenal of handymen. Some of the most serious handymen need a full complement of hammers to complete just about any type of job. Of course, part of being a responsible hammer owner is to make a nice storage for them.

Loose hammers are simply troublesome. Not only are they unsightly in your workshop, but they also carry immense hazard potential.  If you (or anyone who enters your work space) is not careful, someone can end up with some serious injuries. As such, having a storage for hammers will be helpful.

This is where building a hammer rack at your workshop can be very helpful. A well-built rack can safely hold a bunch of hammers. It also makes it easier for you to locate your favorite hammers when you need them. Best of all, building a nice rack should not be all that difficult.

Image source: Make Build Modify

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