Make Your Own Style Mini Screw Log Splitter Out Of Scrap.

Homemade mini SCREW LOG SPLITTER — by ‘Darek -Made in Poland’. Our craftsman did an amazing job with that screw by tapering a spare steel round rod. The result is a symmetrical jagged cone. If not for the concentration and control skills that were evident in the video, you might find it impossible to believe that he did it perfectly by hand!

Many thanks to the video creator ‘Darek -Made in Poland’.


In this video I’ll show you how to make The Homemade mini SCREW LOG SPLITTER. First, I will explain why I made it and how it works. In my workshop I have The rocket stove which needs thin pieces of wood to make a fire. Of course I can use an ax, but this solution is better and less tiring…..Made in Poland

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Image source: YouTube.

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