Step-By-Step Instructions: How To Build A Mini Concentrated Sunlight Tower Solar Power Plant For Your Next Science Fair.

While you may not have the genius mind of a physicist, you can easily make your own physics-inspired projects that have been inspired from large-scale ones. Take for example a concentrated solar power plant. If you’ve seen photos of what a concentrated solar power plant looks like, you saw that it consists of a heat absorber, a steam turbine, and a lot of heliostats arranged in a circular fashion around the heat absorber.

Concentrated solar power plants are one of the most eco-friendly types of plants, and are also efficient in generating energy from solar power, hence making it a greener alternative for harnessing electricity.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a mini concentrated solar power plant using aluminum, glass mirrors, a small DC motor, and a few other inexpensive materials. Watching the video on the next page it was created by ‘New Physicist’.

source: New Physicist

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