How To Easily Cut Angles Using Your Miter Saw.

One of the most challenging things in woodworking projects is cutting angles. But instead of manually using a handsaw and struggling to create angles, do it with a miter saw, which is actually the best tool for this task. For this reason, cutting angles is commonly referred to as creating miter cuts. The miter saw can create fairly accurate angles, but this can be a problem if you do not do it correctly.

In this YouTube DIY tutorial, you’ll get clued in on advanced miter saw techniques that anyone can use to cut angles on wood. One of those techniques is to use a chart instead of the measurement printed on the miter saw itself. Oftentimes, you’ll cut 80-degree angles by choosing 40 on the saw, but the chart shows the correct angles that each measurement on the miter saw represents.

To know how it’s done and learn more about miter saw techniques, just watch the video.

Image source: Sawdust and Wood

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