This Is How The Pros Mix Sand And Cement Mortar By Hand.

Mixing a sand and cement mortar might seem simple but there’s a bit of science and engineering into it. The mixture can’t be too dry or too runny or you may have issues with the finished product later. Depending on the purpose of the mortar, the ratio between water, sand, and cement differs.

The type of sand used in the mortar mix is also a factor that needs to be considered beforehand. Finer sand is perfect for brick laying because the mortar will be smooth, making brick alignment easier; but this mix is not good for larger areas because it will be prone to cracks.

You can use a motorized cement mixer to make the mortar, but it’s not advisable for small home improvement projects. If you need to mix the mortar by hand, this DIY tutorial video will show you how the pros do it using a builder’s spot.

image source: Fixmyroof

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