Make Your Own Spot Welder Using A Microwave Oven Transformer.

People throw away a lot of broken appliances that could otherwise have been scavenged for parts which can be used for other purposes. One appliance that is commonly thrown away when broken is a microwave oven. The transformer in a microwave oven can actually be used to make a spot welder.

The trick is to modify the secondary coil on the transformer so that it’s converted into high current, low voltage metal melter from the original low current, high voltage configuration. This high current can then be redirected and focused on one location to fuse metal parts together.

This is what this DIY tutorial video will show you. The project requires a transformer from a broken microwave oven, some wooden panels, and other accessories that can be purchased off the local hardware or electrical store. Most parts needed might already be lying around your workshop so you don’t have to buy them.

Image source: Sek Austria

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