[Video] Learn The Proper Way Of Mounting And Balancing Your Own Car Tire.

There are instances where car shops offer cheap tires to get customers interested. After buying the tire and installing them in your car, you’ll notice that they are not balanced and need immediate fix. You’ll be surprised to know that the same car shop offers expensive balancing service, and it will look like you purchased the discounted tire for the same price as the regular one.

You can get away with this problem by doing the balancing yourself. You just need a tire changer from harbor freight, a 4×8 sheet of plywood, and 4 carriage bolts. The plywood will act as a base so you can apply pressure on the tire changer without changing its position.

Check out the video so you can see how to mount and balance car tires yourself. You can use this technique for any type of tire, but small-scale tires are easier to balance. For big wheels, you need assistance because the rubber is tighter even without air inside.

source: Todd Harrison

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