[Video] When The Cat Is Away, The Mouse Is Trapped. With A little ingenuity, Your Stored Bucket May Be Able To Solve Your Rat Infestation Problems.

Buckets are a fixture in a typical US household woodshed or garage. Their deep and hollow bodies can be used to hold water while washing the car, organize hand tools and equipment in your woodshed, store flammable items to be put in your shed, or become an improvised trash can.

In this video, buckets are used this time as a rat trap. Rat infestation is common in dirty and unkempt households. While using other means like pesticides and mouse traps to stop it work, both are expensive to utilize and maintain, not to mention dangerous for the health, in the long run.

With this DIY project, not only would you be able to save tons of money–it may be able to safely solve the problem. Using the right tools and a bit of creativity, this trusty container can be transformed from a simple organizer into a deadly weapon against these furry pests.

source: maryannscupboards

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