Should You Use Nails or Screws? This Guide Will Help You Decide.

Nails and screws are generally used to affix a material into another material. Like wood on wood, wood on concrete, etc. They can also be interchangeable when it comes to purpose. Nails might be easier to work with because you only need a hammer. With screws, it’s a slower process unless you’re using a power tool.

But there have been debates on which is better to use? Nails or screws? Which one is stronger? Which one stays on better? Will these differences make one more superior than the other? Learning their differences will help you decide which one to use in your projects.

Basically, nails are superior to screws when it comes to shear strength or against a force applied in parallel to the surface of the affixed material. Screws, on the other hand are stronger against tensile strength or when the force is applied in perpendicular to the surface. This video explains why.

Image source: seejanedrill

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