Breathing Back New Life And Function To Your Old Vise Grips.

Craftsmen like you have a lot of tools lying around your workstation. And one of these tools is the trusty old vise. Your vise is often used to secure materials to a working surface. By using a vise, you ensure that the materials you’re working on can be manipulated accurately, depending on what you’re building.

You probably have more than one vise in your toolbox. And you know that some tools do age faster than others. As tools such as the vise age, the norm is to replace them with a new one. But did you know that your old vise can be restored back to its former glory?

Old vise restoration doesn’t simply involve cleaning the vise and giving it an updated coat of paint. You have to restore the entire vise to bring back its functionality. And yes, you can do it all by yourself. You just need to be patient, and you’ll save lots of bucks by restoring your old vise rather than purchasing a new one.

Image source: Koss

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