DIY Tip: The Best Way To Open A Caulking Tube.

Caulk serves many purposes when you’re doing home repairs or renovations. It’s used to seal off drafts or water leaks. It can also be used to keep pests out. The caulking gun is one of the most helpful tools in a handyman’s arsenal. It’s a must-have for any serious DIYer who’s into home repairs.

The caulking tube is what contains the caulk material. The caulk is sealed inside the tube which is made of an aluminum canister and a plastic tip. The tip is made of plastic because you need to cut it to let the caulk out.

Most people would just cut the plastic diagonally. Although this works fine, there is actually a better way to cut the tip to get a smaller bead. A smaller bead means a more accurate caulk application. It also means you need to use less caulk without a decrease in effectiveness.

Image source: Make Build Modify

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