Tutorial: A Step By Step Guide On Painting A Concrete Floor.

So you’ve just constructed that nice veranda which will be a perfect spot for your reading marathon this summer. You used concrete instead of wood because you want it to last longer with less maintenance. Unlike wood, however, concrete needs to be painted on to make it look more appealing.

This is where it can get more difficult than painting on wood. Concrete needs a few more tasks beforehand to prepare it for painting. With wood, you can just plain on the surface directly. Since concrete is a mixture of cement and sand, there are other things to consider before starting the painting job.

This video shows an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide on how you can paint a concrete floor just like the way pros do it. All the necessary instructions are explained in layman’s terms so you don’t get confused with jargons that are better left to the concrete masons.

Image source: howtopaintinfo

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