[Video] Lift the Colors And Personalize Your Helmet With Spray Paints.

Do you want to get your helmet a personalized look? You’ll be able to express yourself through your helmet by just using spray paint and tapes. First, use an abrasive pad to scratch off the original paint, and then coat it with a base design using black spray paint. When the paint dries, you can now attach tapes that will help you design the helmet when you use the secondary spray paint. Peel off the tape when you are satisfied with the design, and you’ll have your own personalized helmet.

The placement of tapes will give depth to the design. You can coat it with a finisher in order to have a smooth and shiny helmet. You can also add other designs using stickers with different shapes.

It’s better if you draw a draft of your design before stuffing the helmet with tapes. You can cover your mistakes with spray paint but remember that it will make bulges if you have lots of layers. You can watch the time lapse video in order to get an idea on how these things work.

source: Make It With Hand

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