It’s Possible To Paint A Straight Line Without Painter’s Tape.

It’s that time again when you need to put on a fresh coat of paint on your wall. Of course you can just hire the services of a professional painter to do the job, but you want to save money so you decided to do it on your own.

So you start painting the open spaces and you thought it was easy, but then you had to paint around that nicely painted wooden frame of your window. Here’s where the painter’s tape comes in. It covers parts that you don’t want painted on. But putting on painter’s tape is time consuming.

You can actually paint around frames, moldings, and trims without the use of painter’s tape. Professionals use these methods to get the job done faster and with minimum effort. This is what the author of this tutorial video will teach you. The steps are simple yet very effective.

Image source: seejanedrill

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