How To Make Planter Pots And Boxes Using Pallets.

The price of a planter box can easily range from a dollar to a hundred—and that’s no exaggeration. Fortunately, you can avoid purchasing one—if you have some pallets lying around in your garage or yard, you can use them to build planter boxes. Disposing them would be a big waste. Aside from planter boxes, you can use pallets in all sorts of DIY projects. A few of those are dining tables, benches, and even beds.

Pallet planks are excellent materials for planter pots and boxes. All you need to do is cut those planks from the pallet frame. The only issue with them is their condition. If they are already water-damaged, your planter boxes may not last that long.

If you do not have pallets, you can use good wooden planks instead for this project. The idea in this video is still relevant even if you don’t have those pallets.

Image source: sixtyfiveford

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