[Video] Make This Modern Patio Screen Cover From The Prying Eyes Of Your Neighbor.

Summer is one great season when you can do most of the house improvement projects that you have been delaying – like that modern looking privacy screen that you’ve been planning to install on your patio. The temperature’s perfect and the chance of precipitation is slim to none.

It’s also the time to bring out those power tools that have been gathering dust in your workshop. Remember that you have to use them to keep them working fine for a long time. A long overdue visit to the local home depot also wouldn’t hurt. You might be surprised how much the sales clerks missed their favorite customer.

Wood boards and panels bought. Sun up. Power tools out. All you need to do now is follow the steps shown by the author in this compact but informational DIY tutorial video. The instructions are simple and the details are all in the text provided.

source: Dustin Penner

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