How To Make A Solar Oven Using A Pizza Box.

An oven can be very expensive, depending on its material and features. With its thermal insulation, it is possible to recreate an oven using the heat of the sun. In this DIY project, you will need several household items and a pizza box to make a solar oven. The oven will be placed under the sun and reflect the heat to the food inside.

Aluminum foil will be stuck on the cover of the box. A plastic sheet will be used as the cover of the DIY oven. The sheet will protect the food inside and trap the heat from the sun. It is important to keep the box closed and airtight to effectively reheat the food.

Keep the lid open and directed to the sun. It is an efficient and cheap way to reheat your food using a natural source of energy. Watch the video for all the materials and the easy way to construct your own solar oven.

Image source: Howcast

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