Making A Handy Pocket Bevel Gauge The Easy Way.

Want a handy, pocket-size bevel gauge that you can easily bring with you anytime, anywhere? If you happen to be a hardworking carpenter or a woodworker who is always working on a new job or maybe someone who just happens to be a hobbyist, this is a tool that you’ll always want to carry around with you conveniently.

Gift yourself with something you created with your own hands—you won’t find something like this at store shelves. By keeping it true to DIY, you’ll be able to apply your own design and your own preferences, to the project. All you need to do is grab the materials needed then follow the simple and easy steps presented in this video.

You will need some of the tools in the carpentry shop, which I believe you have access to, in the making of this tool.

Image source: Jack Houweling

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