Making A Handy Pocket Bevel Gauge The Easy Way.

Make a Pocket Bevel Gauge — by ‘Jack Houweling’. Having a pocket-size bevel gauge can be very useful especially when your job requires much of its use. It will always be in your pocket whenever you need it. No need to worry about forgetting where you have placed it, and no need to keep looking for it in the tool box. It’s just another convenient thing that will make your job or you hobby more enjoyable to do.

Many thanks to the video creator ‘Jack Houweling’.


Easiest ever to make small bevel gauge.  A bevel gauge is a very handy tool and one that you may use a lot. Here is a small bevel gauge that you can make yourself, it is accurate and the brass knurl locks easy enough for setting and transferring angles….Jack Houweling

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