Tutorial: Dull And Dirty Axe? No Problem. Here’s How To Polish It.

An axe is a great tool to have in your arsenal, especially if you’re living near the woods. In fact, it might even be essential in some cases. Axes are great for cutting trees to make firewood. But they lose their efficiency when the blades get dull, dirty, or rusty.

Do you even remember how shiny your axe looked like when you first bought it from the store? That shine surely gave you confidence as you went about your cutting tasks. But after years of use and abuse, any blade will become dull since steel is prone to corrosion and rust.

But before you even think about throwing away your old axe and getting a new one, you might want to watch this DIY tutorial video first. Let the author show you his methods on bringing back the life of your axe’s blade using materials that are readily available from your local hardware store.

Image source: French River Springs

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