Get Rid Of The Opaque, Hazy Car Headlights With This Unexpected Cleaning Ingredient.

One of the problems car owners face is that their car headlight covers become hazy over time.  This is because of the exposure it gets over the years from rain, sunlight, and dust buildup. Over time, this may become hazardous, especially when driving in the dark.  Instead of taking your car to get a professional cleaning job, did you know that you can make your car headlight covers clear again by simply using one ingredient?

If you think that toothpaste is only good for brushing your teeth, think again.  They’re also great for cleaning out the hazy buildup on your car headlights. Watch the instructions video posted on the next page to see how it’s done.

how_to_polish_hazy_plastic_car_headlights_cheap-1Image source: hoohoohoblin

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