DIY Instructions For Pouring Concrete Slab In A Day.

Getting cement poured by professionals can easily cost you $3 up to $8 per square foot. If you have a 12’ x 12’ patio that you want cemented, that can easily cost you $432 up to $1,152. If you have tools of your own and some spare time, it might be best that you do the cementing yourself to save on expenses.

Some of the tools you need to work on a concrete slab are: a shovel, a few pieces of lumber, a wheelbarrow, a bull float, a hand saw, motor oil, and concrete curing compound.

Start by clearing the area. Then create a form using the pieces of lumber, wiping some motor oil on them, and cutting excess wood with your hand saw. Once that is done, place the rebar and pour the concrete. Spread it evenly. Use the bull float to even out the concrete. Wait for it to dry.

Image source: Odell Complete Concrete

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