Create A Wall Mount For Your Power Tools Using The French Cleat!

Keeping tools neat and organized is one of the hallmarks of a true handyman. While each person has a different way of organizing their equipment, one of the more effective ways of doing it is by using a French cleat to create a mount-type storage space for your equipment.

For those who do not know, a French cleat is a type of system that utilizes a pair of cleats that are cut at a 45-degree angle. One cleat is attached at the wall and the other is attached at the back of the object to be mounted. This system uses gravity to keep the object in place.

By using the French cleat method, you can mount heavy objects on walls without compromising wall stability or making excessive holes. In this video, a wall mount for power tools that utilizes a French cleat system is made. It looks impressively sturdy, and it fits seamlessly to the wall where it was installed.

Image source: April Wilkerson

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