More Than 15 Survival Tips Using The Versatile PVC.

PVC is one of the most versatile building materials around. It’s light, flexible, reasonably durable, and cheap. It’s no wonder why you see PVC being used in a wide variety of applications. You can see PVC in your house and the buildings and establishments you go to.

But the use of PVC can go beyond the usual if you think out of the box. It can be a great material for survival because of its versatility. And since it is light, any survival item you make with PVC will be easy to carry around. PVC is also easy to work with and is food-grade, meaning you can drink or eat from it.

As a part of a series of survival videos, the author will show you how you can use PVC to make items and tools that are essential for survival. You can use these items when you are out camping, fishing, or even hunting.

image source: SensiblePrepper

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