Creating Your Own Simple Yet Effective PVC Pipe Repair Fitting Or Coupling.

You know how tough PVC pipes are. They’re often strong, hard, and durable enough to last for long periods of time. But this doesn’t mean that PVC pipes can’t suffer from damages. PVC pipes, especially those buried underground, can get damaged due to a variety of factors.

Water flowing through a buried pipe too quickly can result to increased pressure within the pipes, causing them to get damaged. Buried PVC pipes can also get damaged by the soil, rocks, and other debris rubbing through it while it is installed underneath the ground.

When a buried PVC pipe gets damaged, it can be tough to fix it DIY style. Most people resort to buying ready-made couplings from plumbing supply stores. But in this video, you’ll learn how to create a simple yet effective DIY PVC coupling. The DIY coupling serves as a bridge that connects two ends of a damaged PVC pipe together in order to restore the entire pipeline to its proper working condition.

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