Step-By-Step: How To Set Up A Humane Trap For Squirrels That works. No Springs Or Levers To Wind Up Or Load!

Cute as they are, squirrels can still be one of the biggest pests in the world. However, compared to regular rats, they are much better. They are not usually threatening to human health. The damage they can do is almost limited to electrical line and wall damage. And as mentioned, they are definitely much cuter.

In the video, you will know how to capture them without resorting to violent methods. This involves a PVC trap, which can catch the rodent without hurting or killing it, thus enabling you to release it. Some people have even recommended creating a catapult or potato gun to launch the captured squirrels back to the wild. That’s a fun idea, but you can just drive around and relocate them to a place where they cannot be much of a pest.

Anyway, all you need to get on to this project are some PVC pipes, wood planks, and a few screws. Once you are done with it, you can just place it on locations where there is squirrel traffic. Get some nuts and set up the trap.

source: Chris Notap

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