Having Problems Making Mortises? Watch This.

One of the most common difficulties in woodworking is making mortises. Although it might be a tedious task that requires precision, it does get easy with some practice. You just need to follow some simple guidelines. There are also four elements you need to consider.

First is proper layout because without it, you’ll never know where the mortise is meant to go, which means that setting up your router properly is impossible.

Second are the tools you need to use. Some of the recommended tools are an edge guide, a plunge router, and an up-spiral drill bit.

Third is balancing the router properly by using extra base supports.

Last is the direction of the router. Mortise routing might involve surrounding the drill bit with wood, due attention must still be given to the direction of the router.

If you want to know more, watch as a DIYer shows you how in this tutorial.

Image source: The Wood Whisperer

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