DIY tutorial : 2 Easy Solutions To Get Your Generator Up and Running After Spending Months In Storage.

Generators are essential in almost every American household nowadays. It’s also fairly common to see generators being left for many months in storage. While we’re careful in the way we store them, some generators would just refuse to start once taken out of hibernation.

This DIY tutorial by YouTube user ‘donyboy73’ shares two effective and quick techniques that helped him get his generator going quickly without using many tools. The first technique requires spraying into the carburetor to get it cleaned, and the second technique involves draining ethanol from the generator fuel. You’ll need to get yourself a can of carburetor cleaner, a plastic container, and a set of basic tools that you already probably have lying in storage.

Note that these techniques are simply quick solutions; should the generator fail to start, it’s advisable to get them checked by a professional. To see how these techniques are done, simply head over to the next page and watch the video tutorial featured.

source: donyboy73

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