4x Quieter generator trick

By reading this article and watching the video, you will gain knowledge about where the sound of the generator comes from, and how to make your generator work like its expensive counterparts. Generators are one of humankind’s best innovations.

The generators are the best instruments to use during power outage. The main disadvantage of generators is its uproarious, murmuring noise. In any case that you need a calmer generator, the following video will help you solve your problem without spending any sum.

Let us decrease the decibels of your generator in just ten seconds. The generator in the video produces an annoying sound of 80db. The author will be able to lower its noise down to 70db in ten seconds. ‘sixtyfiveford’, the creator of the video, uses a scientific approach to accomplish the end goal of reducing the sound of the generator.

Image source: sixtyfiveford

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