Here’s An Easy Way To Rake And Bag Leaves.

Autumn is a beautiful season with the cooler temperature and the colors of Mother Nature in all their glory. But it can also be a pain in the neck because you will have to clean after those fallen leaves on your lawn, gutters, and/or garden. The common method is to get your old, trusty rake, gather all the fallen leaves, and put them inside a trash bag, and then into the trashcan.

If you have been doing this, you know how hard it is to put the leaves into the trash bag because you need to leave the opening wide open. Some would put the trash bag inside the trashcan first, but that task is also tedious because there will be air buildup at the bottom of the trash can.

There’s actually an easy way to rake the leaves directly into the trash bag inside the trashcan. In this DIY tutorial video, you’ll learn a few tricks that will help you tackle this chore without breaking your back in the process.

Image source: David’s Tutorials

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