Using Batteries To Power A Refrigerator In An Emergency.

A refrigerator is crucial in modern everyday life. However, power outages caused by catastrophes and disasters can render them useless. And unfortunately, there is no instant remedy to a refrigerator without power. What’s more, there is no satisfactory alternative to a refrigerator.

An ice box can do the trick, but it is not a lasting solution, especially if you live in a warm place like Florida or California. What you can do is hook it up with a battery. With a battery, your refrigerator becomes portable, and it also makes it possible to gain access to electricity even if it will require you to travel a bit.

The only concern here is that you need a power inverter to make this setup work. By the way, the battery should at least be as powerful as Jet Ski batteries. If you believe you have all those materials on hand, watch the video to find out how you can power your fridge using batteries.

Image source: kipkay

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