Create Your Own Fridge With Rubber Bands. It Works.

This is a neat science project. Despite the title, do not expect that the end product of this project will be able to function like a regular refrigerator — let alone a regular cooler.

To start with, get some rubber bands — size 64 is preferred for this project. In the video, wooden plates are used. A router was used to shape them into various parts: wheel, crank, box, and cogs. You can do this without a router, but expect the additional challenge if you do not use a power tool such as a router.

How can rubber bands lower temperature? Well, a rubber band can cool when it is released from being stretched. You can try to experiment with a band before you proceed with the project. Stretch a rubber band. Try to check its temperate using your finger or lips. Notice that the rubber band generated heat.

After confirming that, release the band from being stretched. Try to check its temperature again. It became noticeably cooler, right? Anyway, to know more about the project and this interesting property of rubber bands, watch the video.

Image source: Applied Science

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