An Easy Way to Remove Broken Bolts in Deep Holes.

Bolts work like screws and are often confused as such. The main difference between the two is in the kind of joints they are supporting. Bolts are designed to support two unthreaded joints while screws support threaded joints. Together with a nut, which applies an axial force, bolts pin the unthreaded joints against the sideways shear forces.

If they get damaged, they won’t be able to secure the joints in a fixed place, which will jeopardize the assembly of the joints. The causes of broken bolts include overloading, hydrogen embrittlement, and fatigue failure. You’ll notice the damage since the bolt heads will make them apparent.

The solution is to remove them completely and then install new ones. Removing bolts isn’t easy. If you’re dealing with broken bolts stuck in deep holes, the job is twice as challenging. It can also be frustrating since they’re trapped at a hard-to-reach location. But with this video as your guide, you can do it by yourself.

Image source: Ultimate Handyman

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