The Easy DIY Way Of Removing Stipple Or Popcorn Ceiling.

Popcorn ceiling is also known as stipple ceiling, stucco ceiling, cottage cheese ceiling, and acoustic ceiling. It’s installed by using a paint-on or spray-on ceiling treatment. Most old houses have this type of ceiling in the hallways and bedrooms because of its bright appearance. It also hides imperfections and have good acoustic characteristics.

But not all are fond of a popcorn ceiling. Some people see it as unsightly and antique. Most just want a plain, flat ceiling that they can paint on or apply wallpaper to. If you are one of those people, you would want that old popcorn ceiling removed.

Depending on how the popcorn ceiling treatment was applied, it can be removed as easily as scraping them off or you might need a different approach and a more appropriate tool. This is what the author in this DIY tutorial video will discuss. Now let’s get ready to remove that popcorn ceiling.

Image source: HouseImprovements

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