Screw It! Let’s Fix Your Stripped Screws—In Seven Ways!

Sometimes, we just can’t help but combine the wrong materials. A good example are the wrong drills being used to drive incompatible screws. In other instances, screws are left to just sit and hold the same spot for long periods of time that they just start to wear out eventually.

Most often, these result in damaged or stripped screws that are difficult to remove using normal methods. When such problems arise, how can you fix or replace the damaged screws? This tutorial video shows not one, not two, but seven—yes, you heard it right—seven different techniques that you can try in attempting to remove stripped screws.

From using a simple rubber band, investing in an actual stripped screw remover, to improvising with a cold chisel and a hammer, an actual demonstration of the seven different methods are shown to aid viewers in getting the screws out, and the job done, in no time. Please watch the video to learn more!

Image source: Ultimate Handyman

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