Truth Or Not: Does WD-40 Really Remove The Scratches From Your Car?

One of the things that car lovers would go extremely squeamish about is getting scratches on their cars. Who wouldn’t? We all know how expensive having your car buffed up can be, and sometimes, we’re just too lazy to bring the car in for a service.

If you prefer doing DIYs at home, then you’ve probably looked up two or more scratch-removing hacks on Google or on YouTube. One of those hacks that’s said to remove car scratches is using WD-40. Some people attest to its effectiveness, while some are skeptic and would pass up the chance to try it themselves.

If you’re one of those people planning to try the WD-40 hack, then you might want to sit back and watch the video featured on the next page to see whether or not WD-40 does the job.

Image source: DIY Auto Repair Videos

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