Watch This DIY Tutorial First Before You Remove That Old Grout.

When properly taken care of and used in the appropriate areas, ceramic tiles will last for generations. They are durable and sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. One thing that takes away the appeal off tiles is dirty grout. And overtime, grout will accumulate dirt and grime and no amount of cleaning will make it shine again.

When that happens, it will be best to remove the old grout between the tiles. But since the grout has hardened and because of the accumulated dirt on it, it will be quite hard to remove. You need to be careful or else, you risk breaking the tiles and that will be a bigger problem.

There is actually a foolproof way to remove old grout without the surrounding tiles getting chipped or cracked. You will need special tools for the task, but they should be available from the local hardware shop or home depot.

Image source: enduringcharm

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