How To Remove Rusted Lug Nuts With A Candle And Lighter.

In most DIY projects, you’ll be required to remove a lug nut or two. However, any DIY enthusiast would know that removing rusted lug nuts can be a pain in the ass. The rust sticking inside the nut can make removal a difficult challenge, if not an impossible one.

Different people have different solutions with this very common problem. However, not all of these solutions work all the time. One of the more creative solutions for removing rusted lug nuts is a bit unconventional, and it involves two items you rarely associate with setting nuts loose: a candle and a lighter.

One of the advantages of using this technique is the minimal use of equipment. Basically, all you need is the wrench of your choice, a candle, and a lighter. Also, if you execute this the right way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that the nut almost instantly becomes much easier to remove.

Image source: Angell Kustoms

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