Got A Bent Radiator? Don’t Go Buy A New One Yet. Use This Simple Way To Repair.

The radiator is an essential part of any vehicle. Did you notice how hot a radiator can be? That’s actually heat generated by the engine block. As you may know, a running engine generates heat because of the internal combustion and the friction between moving parts. The radiator helps transfer this heat out.

A hot engine is an inefficient one. That’s why making sure that you have a working radiator is an important of car maintenance. But since radiators have thin fragile parts like its fins, it can be quite easy to bend or deform it. The whole radiator block itself is usually made of aluminum which is a soft metal.

When you get a bent or twisted radiator, the first thing that comes to mind is to buy a new one. Well, that may not always be needed. Using the technique as shown by the author of this tutorial video, you may still be able to repair a bent or twisted radiator with the use of common tools.

Image source: Cameron Niemela

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