[Video] How Professionals Repair A Bent Wheel.

Got more than a scuff on your wheel? This process may actually not be called a DIY, but that’s because it’s a serious issue—a bent rim is not just cosmetic, and must be fixed immediately before it starts affecting other parts besides just a wobble steering wheel. For this process, the help of professionals is needed.

The first step is consultation, where the professional needs to look for the culprit wheel, remove it, and check its balance (side to side, and up and down) to know where exactly the wheel is bent. The straightening process then is made sure that the wheel is once again made useable by taking out the aluminum first, allowing them to manipulate it without doing any further damage.

Take note that the wheel is not sent back to absolute smooth perfection, purposely so it can have a good relationship with the tire’s natural high spot.

source: AMMO NYC

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