[Video] How To breathe New Life Into An Old, Non-functioning, Electric Hand Planer.

Woodworking is one of those skills that don’t only help you save money as you repair or make your own furniture and wood fixtures, but can also be a very reliable source of income. A lot of people would still prefer wood over other materials because of aesthetics and this is the reason why woodworkers are very much in demand.

Woodworking also requires quite a few basic tools to get started. One of these is the hand planer. A hand planer is what you use to smoothen out wood surfaces or make small dimension changes. There are manual and electric hand planers, the latter being easier to work with than the former.

In this DIY tutorial video, the author will show you how he is able to breathe new life into an old, non-functioning, electric hand planer that he brought from another woodworker via the Internet. The process itself does not really require specialized tools, only basic ones that you may already have in your own shop.

source: Made in Poland

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