[Video] How To breathe New Life Into An Old, Non-functioning, Electric Hand Planer.

Repair and Refresh 40 Year Old Hand Planer B&D — by ‘Made in Poland’. When you fix something as beautiful as this classic, a 40 year old electric hand planer, you don’t stop at just making the moving parts work. And that’s what the author did. Not only did he make it work, he restored this vintage hand planer to its former glory and into something that he can show to fellow woodworkers. Many thanks to the video creator ‘Made in Poland’.

‘In this video I’ll show you how I Repair and Refresh 40 Year Old Hand Planer B&D. Repairing this tool turned out to be very easy, but I decided not only to repair but also refresh it because it is a very good and well-maintained tool….Made in Poland’

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Image source: YouTube.


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