[Video] Simple Easy-To-Follow Steps: Learn How To Replace A Defective Door Knob.

Door knobs are not commonly replaced because they are designed to be durable and to last a lifetime. But just like anything with moving parts, door knobs are also subject to daily wear and tear, and there will come a time when it will get stuck and just stop working. When that happens, it’s due for replacement.

If you notice, though, door knobs are also designed to be installed with no visible screws. They are made like that because they’re meant to secure a room. If there are screws that can be picked to disassemble the whole locking system, then it defeats the purpose of having a door knob in the first place.

But there is a way to remove a defective door knob even when there are no screws visible. Most door knobs are designed the same way so this DIY video tutorial can be used for any type. The author will show you in simple, easy-to-follow steps how you can remove your busted door knob and replace it with a new one.

source: Frosty Life

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