Here Are Some Ways You Can Repurpose Your Old Kitchen Blender.

Generally, we’d throw away kitchen appliances that aren’t functioning anymore. Take for example a blender that’s gone past its due; there really isn’t any other way for it but to be sent to disposal. However, don’t throw away that broken blender just yet!

This DIY project is for you if you think throwing away broken appliances is a waste. In the video featured on the next page, you’ll learn how you can use an old blender and repurpose it to become a decent drill, or even an engraver!

A blender’s engine power is sufficient for doing light drilling and engraving jobs, so instead of throwing away your blender, why not repurpose it so that you can still use it for your future projects? Head to the next page for the video by ‘Evgeniy Budilov’ and watch how he has successfully converted his old kitchen blender into another useful tool.

source: Evgeniy Budilov

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