A Guide On How To Restore An Old Wooden Bench.

A wooden bench requires regular maintenance. Letting it sit there on its own for years can threaten its structural integrity. If it gets covered in fallen twigs and leaves, moss, and other debris, it will weaken and gather dust.

But even the oldest-looking wooden bench is not beyond salvation. If you have an old wooden bench just lying around your yard, you can restore it and expect it to appear brand new. This is the more practical option compared to buying a new one. Especially if it comes with sentimental value, you’d regret throwing it away.

A power washer is an important tool in restoration. It will prepare a wooden bench for repairs. And apart from deep cleaning your bench, it will give it an extra layer of protection and enhance its aesthetics. If you don’t want to buy one, you may just rent the tool from a local hardware.

Image source: Clean Power Wash LLC

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