Mini Crossbow And Its Not-So-Mini Fun That It Gives.

Imagine having a mini crossbow and playing with it all day. Everyday life would definitely be happier if mini crossbows are within reach. The fun of being able to aim at things and play with it however you like. Besides, who would not want a mini medieval weapon, right?

Crossbows are weapons with a bow mounted on a tiller (stick or wood handle). To be able to shoot, the string of the bow is propelled by a rod that thrusts up. The task would be a bit challenging since it involves metals that need to be cut and shaped.

Creating the project, a person needs to have tools and experience with cutting metals. At first, templates are used and is pasted on a sheet of metal to trace the outline while cutting it. Other than this part, working on the handle and assembling it would pass by like a breeze.

Image source: Raduka

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