Making A Right Angled Screwdriver: Not As Hard As You Think.

The screwdriver is one of the most useful tools for handymen. However, there are some tasks that your normal screwdriver cannot do. Take for example screws that are located in very tight spaces. There are some situations where normal screwdrivers cannot reach or it may cause damage to a given structure.

A right angled screwdriver is something you won’t normally see in tool stores. While it is not expected for you to use this tool all the time, creating a right angled screwdriver can be very useful for specific projects. For example, you can use this tool to insert screws within a clock mainspring frame.

A right angled screwdriver is a specialist tool that can prove handy for some specific projects. Even better, you can make one using basic materials and some power tools. In the next page, you will find an instructional video that shows how you can create your own right angled screwdriver.

Image source: Clickspring

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