How To Fix A Flat Tire Even Without Using A Spare.

Roadside Flat Tire Fix On The Spot – Quick Spair Inflator Sealer — by ‘greensky438’. This video demonstrates how you can fix a flat tire using an inflator and sealer kit. In this video, the product used is Quick Spair, but you can also use other sealer kits if you can’t find one of these. Fix punctures and get back on the road within minutes.

Many thanks to ‘greensky438’ for this helpful video!


I suggest you keep one Quick Spair can in the car for emergencies. Fixes flats on the spot. It seals punctures and inflates in seconds. Cleans up easily with water. I bought this 20 oz. can, kept it in my trunk for emergency flat. Low and behold this day I needed it….greensky438

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Image source: YouTube.

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